About Us

At Silver Spring Mining Company, we pride ourselves on our service, quality of food and family atmosphere. From appetizers to main course to dessert, we have a variety of food that should please everyone. Enjoy one of our fine Maryland restaurants where you can go out and eat good food and keep some money in your wallet.

History of Silver Spring Mining Company

The Silver Spring story begins with a love of hockey and a lasting friendship. Calvin Lauf and Gary Rissling met through a hockey camp run by a mutual friend. Their love of hockey started their friendship, but their love for family, fun and food drove them towards the creation of Silver Spring Mining Company.

In 1992 they heard that Straps, a bar in Parkville, was for sale. They made the moves and began their business together. Straps was a welcome place in Parkville. Great food and a fun atmosphere put Cal and Gary on the map. Besides running the bar they began catering. Calgary (Cal and Gary) Catering was born. In the early days they counted on the devoted work of Pops Lauf and Kevin Mundy to make the food the best in town. Succulent ribs and Wednesday's Prime Rib soon were a hit.

Before long they were ready to expand their ideas. In 1995, they discovered that the Silver Spring Inn was for sale and jumped at the opportunity. Remodeling the building inside and out, they now had their "Mine," thus Silver Spring Mining Company was born. Our staff needed to grow. Chris Isaac and Mark Velleggia joined the team of great people making great things happen. They kept the original Silver Spring Inn recipe for Sour Beef. It is as delicious today as it was back then. We also brought fried pickles and a blasted onion to the table.

Still wanting to grow the Silver Spring family, they looked for a new place to grow. They found a parcel in Bel Air, worked on the design and began the process of building another Mine. We opened our doors in March of 1998, and was a huge success.

With a strong management staff and friendly service, we were welcomed into the Bel Air community. Though the year was full of success and excitement; Silver Spring felt a huge loss. On November 23, 1998, Calvin Lauf died suddenly. He touched many lives and his philosophy is still in the Silver Spring Way.

Wanting to continue growing the Silver Spring Mining Company, the original endeavor: the Straps location was remodeled and converted to become the Calgary Cattle Company. In 2003 it was sold to focus on the newest location in Hunt Valley, Maryland. After several years, in March of 2004, the newest location was constructed on the corner of Wight Ave and York Road. This "Mine" was in fact a true test. From land acquisition to even the use of dynamite in the construction process, the Hunt Valley location is a visual reminder of the goals originally set forth from both Calvin and Gary.